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Rosa Madriana


Materials produced and/or used by Madria Olga and Rosa Madriana.


Rosa Madriana


Rosa Madriana


c. 1999



Collection Items

Rosa Madriana Introductions to the Scriptures
Rosa Madriana introductions to the Scriptures, as found with Madria Olga's manuscript copies. Attached additionally are a glossary to the Scriptures and title pages to sections of Scripture in what is purported to be Madria Olga's own calligraphy.

Madria Olga Typescript of the Clear Recital from JME
Three sutras of Scripture (The Light, The Way of Simplicity, Thoughts of the Mind) in what is purported to be Madria Olga's own typesetting, as given to her student JME.

Madria Olga Typescript of the Clear Recital from GEBC
The complete text of the typeset Scriptures as given by Madria Olga to her student Georgia Cobb.

The Procedure for Devotions
Madria Olga's handwritten instructions for personal prayer.

Prayers & Affirmations
A collection of prayers and affirmations handwritten by Madria Olga.

Special Prayers
A collection of prayers handwritten by Madria Olga.

Meditations on the Love of Our Lady
Meditations on the love of our Lady.

Madria Olga's Copy of "The Book"
A handwritten set of the Scriptures produced by Madria Olga for a student. Included are also a handwritten note to the recipient, a glossary for the text in both handwritten and print form, and Madria Olga's print copies of three sermons.

Icons & Symbols of Ekklesia Madriana
A selection of graphics extracted from Lux Madriana publications sent by Madria Olga to a student.

An Introduction to the Madrian Faith : The Religion of the Goddess
An introductory booklet describing the basic doctrines, practices, and community of Madrianism, authored by Madria Olga.
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