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The Coming Age


The official magazine of Lux Madriana from 1975 to 1982.






Oxford, England

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The Coming Age, Issue 01
Contents: Editorial, The Coming Season, The Oedipus Complex, The Symbolism of the Divine Names, Heras of the Faith, The Story of Hera Pellegrina and the House of the Wind, Work in Progress, The Adam Error, The Symbol of Venus, The Thirteen Months…

The Coming Age, Issue 02
Contents: Editorial, The Coming Season, Jung and the Anima, An Introduction to the Rosary, The History of Easter, The Cross, Three Paths Into the Secret Garden: Approaches to the Rosary, The Legend of the Sun [story], The Meaning of Easter, Easter…

The Coming Age, Issue 10
Contents: A Hymn for Passion-Tide [poem], The Year of Metis, The Power of Imagination, Work in Progress, The Darkest Hour: The World in the Latter Days, Easter, Who Is Our Lady: Or Rather Who Are We?, The Coming Season, The Valley of the Well…

The Coming Age, Issue 14
Contents: Sain Sovereign! [poem], Flowers in the Light of Sacred Science, Work in Progress, Scenes from a Madrian Childhood Part 2: My Father, Inanna: Valiant and Victorious, Childhood Youth and Maturity: A Study in Decadence, The Coming Season, The…

The Coming Age, Issue 15
Contents: March On [poem], The Three Eternal Truths: The Triple-Declamation of the Amazons, A Man's Place: Some Common Questions Answered, Discovering the Goddess, The Art of Adoration, The Coming Season, The Great Crusade: The Holy March of the…

The Coming Age, Issue 16
Contents: Avala & She Hath Riven [poems], Nursery Rhymes: The Inner Meaning, The Dangerous Idea: Women's Liberation as Ultimate Stage of Patriarchy, The Cycle of the Seasons, Spiritual Parentage and the Primacy of Matriarchy, The Coming Season,…

The Coming Age, Issue 17
Contents: The Morrow Song & O List Ye [poems], A Rhennish Nativity, The Trojan Horse: Television Tool of Tyrants, The Realm of the Real: The Truth of Art and the Art of Truth, The Fire in the Hearth, The Coming Season, Fireside Tales [stories],…

The Coming Age, Issue 18
Contents: The Rhennisleague Song [poem], Children's Games, Entropy: The Disintegration of the Social Fabric, Matriarchal History: Haiela Cantre, The Mainspring of Matriarchy, The Coming Season, The Magic Ship [story], Chains of 'Freedom', The Great…

The Coming Age, Issue 20
Contents: Wenver's Hunt [poem], Many Religions, The Art of Telling Tales, Scenes from a Madrian Childhood Part 3: Mayamijai, The Power of Choice, The Coming Season, The Wonderful Beanstalk [story], The Downward Path: The Decline of Religion, Strength…

The Coming Age, Issue 06
Contents: Editorial, Meditations (Passion, Resurrection, Exaltation), The Forces of Darkness, Work in Progress, The Hanged One, Discovering the Goddess, Art & Spirit, Like a Dove Into the Flame: The Experience of Initiation, An 'Exorcism', The Coming…
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