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Documents issued by the Madrian Literature Circle between 1973 and 1982.


Madrian Literature Circle





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Making a Shrine
A description of techniques and requirements for constructing and maintaining a home shrine according to the Madrian Rite.

Anima: Jung and the Female Soul
An article critiquing Carl Jung's description of the anima from a matriarchal perspective.

The Beauty and the Beast Debate
A reproduction of letters exchanged between Sr. Angelina and "Robert" in the pages of Aquarian Arrow, offering competing analyses of Aleister Crowley's views on the nature and archetype of woman.

The Inner Meaning of Chess
An article detailing the metaphysical principles behind the game of chess, in light of comparisons between the game's rules and pieces and the functioning and organization of Amazon armies.

Glossary of Madrian Terms A-C
A glossary of terms used by the Madrian communities.

The Legend of the Sun
A Rhennish myth describing the origin of the Sun and its metaphysical narrative through the year.

Meditations on the Love of Our Lady
A collection of meditations on divine love.

The Planetary Principles
A detailed accounting of the metaphysical principles of janyatology, as well as of the nature, symbolism, and correspondences of the seven great Janyati.

Three Paths into the Secret Garden
Instructions and suggestions for performing the Westrenne rosary according to the Madrian technique.

Thoughts on Our Lady
A poetic account of the nature of our Mother God.
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